There is no honour in killing

The definition of an honour killing in the Oxford Dictionary is the ‘killing of a relative, especially a

@introspection_ // Spoken Word Poetry – Persecution

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Blog: @Sufisage on the concept of god

Perhaps one of the most important sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) is one in which we learn about our concept of God and His relationship with us. It is stated that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) said, Allah said, “I am to My servant as he thinks Me to


From Rick Ross to George Cloony, Spartans to Fidel Castro . One thing that these men have in common is a beard. In recent years it has become a growing trend to keep and maintain a beard. Traditionally speaking, a beard represents masculinity and dominance. The beard also has been traditionally linked to religious ideals;

The Voice Explores / Beard Gang: Part 1

From Rick Ross to George Cloony, Spartans to Fidel Castro . One thing that these men have in

Islam and Hip Hop

There was a time in the history of Hip Hop music when Islam was referred to as it’s


Islam is a worldwide and universally applicable religion. We can clearly see that there are subtle differences in

illusory enjoynment

I once read that ‘the harm of the ambition of property and fame to a man is more

Ben Affleck defends Islam

Ben Affleck as Batman? This is a joke right? Affleck as the fighter of injustice? Well it seems like that casting may have been spot on. As per the video a visibly disgusted Affleck reigned in on Bill maher and Sam Harris’s ‘bigoted’ view on Islam. He argued that the acts of a minority under

Should we show more Loyalty to our country?

The Sun Newspaper this week launched its ‘United against IS’ campaign, showing The Union Jack draped in a

Malala Yousafzai makes History

Today, Friday 10th October 2014 represents a significant landmark in the 57 year history of the state of

Incomprehensibility of Allah

 “Say: If the oceans were ink for the words of my Lord, the Ocean would surely be exhausted before


The poem Wisdom, relates to a place where tranquillity finds an abode, where happiness does not wander by,