Learn Islam

Section to familiarise yourself with the fundementals of Islam including the purpose, the method and how to practice your faith

Incomprehensibility of Allah

 “Say: If the oceans were ink for the words of my Lord, the Ocean would surely be exhausted before

Quick Guide to Umrah – A personal Account

If you are planning to go Umrah for the first time and you are slightly unsure what to expect, then we hope this quick guide will help you out based on our personal experiences. Where to Start? Read up about Umrah! Before you set off on this blessed journey please take your time to study and understand

Remain Steadfast

Whether we assess the loss of innocent lives in the Muslim world of Palestine, Syria, Iraq or whether


Istaghfar has two meanings. One is seeking protection of God from the evil that can impact us and

Ramadhan 2014 / Vlog / Hadith

Ramadan Daily Hadith | #Ramadan in three parts as relayed by Ghalib Lone The Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings of