Blog: @Sufisage on the concept of god

Perhaps one of the most important sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) is one in which we learn about our concept of God and His relationship with us. It is stated that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) said, Allah said,

“I am to My servant as he thinks Me to be, so he may think what he wants.”

In this saying, we come to learn about the conceptualisation of God. If we believe that God hasn’t the power to listen, how will He ever hear our prayers? Similarly, if we don’t believe that God has the power to respond, how will He ever truly guide us? It is of paramount importance that we acquire a full picture of God, so that He may be that way and manifest Himself in our lives in a manner which we believe Him to do so. But what is the best way to create this image of God?

The Holy Qur’an puts forward 99 core attributes of God, the pondering over of which we can fully understand God and how He works. When two things bear a similarity, then they can create a relationship. When we type on our physical keypads, we do so because our fingertips and the keyboard bear the similarity of physicality, and hence that relationship is called touch. But when we want to create a living relationship with God, who is non-physical, we need to align that part of ourselves that is also non-physical, i.e. our soul, to God’s attributes. That relationship, therefore, is called Islam. It is something which we can all acquire.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) emphatically stated,

“How unfortunate is the man who doesn’t see that he has a God who has the power to do all that He wills!”

May our concept of God be one of Islam, and one that enables us to taste the fruits of a living communion with God. Ameen.

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Sufi Sage
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