The poem Wisdom, relates to a place where tranquillity finds an abode, where happiness does not wander by, and where success is measured by the depth of our reflections. Written by Ghalib Lone (@glone9)

Wisdom; to be wise,
And always pause to think twice,


Wisdom; to think,
To ponder over that which is lucid and succinct,


Wisdom; to pause,
To reflect over one’s own flaws,


Wisdom, to build up courage,
To tempt that fate which is harder to create,


Wisdom; is that which is borne out of a form,
That is higher than the excellences one thinks it performs,


Wisdom; to wonder,
That to believe means to ponder,
Not just in our dreams but in our realities,
That may be distinctly lacking in spirituality,


Wisdom; to die,
A death of the ego and its pride,


Wisdom; to live,
To resurrect the heart from its pain,
And find comfort in the attributes of the 99 names,


Wisdom; to change,
To alter the path of the ocean waves,
And find a way to the shore that lies elusive and far away,


Wisdom; to remain,
Steadfast and firm,
When the turning of a new chapter has yet to emerge,


Wisdom; to refrain,
From speaking ill of others,
Of hurting one another’s names,


Wisdom; to be patient,
When the pain seems most acute,
And those who understand number only a bare few,


Wisdom; to smile,
When one loses heart in life,
Not sure how or when the difficulty will ever come to pass by,


Wisdom; to care,
For those forgotten yesterday,
And to reignite a stranger’s hope to look towards the present day,


Wisdom; to love,
Without boundaries to constrain,
But a landscape that extends to no end in the endless terrain,


Wisdom; to embrace,
That which is beauty like no other,
That extols itself continuously,
And without measure in its purity,


Wisdom; to be pure,
Like the rainbow; and its various shades,
And the dazzling display of its colourful ways,


Wisdom; is though but a word,
Overused by those who continually journey on a path,
Ask many questions, but without asking the creator to the art,


Wisdom; is a state,
That when failure arises,
The true answers stand as proof of overcoming the crisis,
And that to all else goes completely unsighted.

by Ghalib Lone

Instagram (@glone9)